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Güpoflex Leak-finding foam WTR (Wide Temperature Range)

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Güpoflex Leak-finding foam WTR makes it possible to locate leaks specially on synthetic materials like polyethylene, PVC, polypropylene:

Fittings - Pressurized containers - Soldered, screwed and welded joins - Pipes - Tube - Hoses - Valves

Güpoflex Leak-finding foam WTR is cold-resistant until minus 15°C according to ASTM D 1177-94 (American Society for Testing and Materials). Even at a temperature of 70°C the foam remains stable and effective.
It´s easy to locate a leak exactly, because darker bubbles stand out against lighter foam
(contrasting black-on-white effect).

The viscous foam sticks to most materials longer than previous leak-detecting sprays and the contents of the can lasts a long while because only a small amount is needed each time.

Even in dark places the foam allows you to see where leak-detection has already been carried out.

Güpoflex Leak-finding foam WTR is non-combustible, non-corrosive and non-toxic.

Package sizes: 400 ml aerosol can, 125 ml aerosol can


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Leak-finding foam WTR (Wide Temperature Range)
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