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Leak-seekers for temperatures < 5°C

Do you want to determine leaks of installations also in winter?
Or do you carry out leak-detecting on systems that work with very low temperature gases?
For these fields of application Guepo offers you the following products:

· Güpoflex Leak-seeker ETL (Extreme Temperature Locator in winter or for temperatures below 5°C) Print

· Güpoflex Leak-finding foam WTR (Wide Temperature Range in winter or for temperatures below 5°C) Print

All of them are certified by DVGW (Deutscher Verein des Gas- und Wasserfaches e.V. = German Gas and Water Association) at Bonn.

Güpo GmbH Postfach 2005 D - 77680 Kehl Tel +49-7851-99477-0 Fax +49-7851-99477-77